15 February 2001
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Ewan Serenades Kylie

Let's face it. Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge is either going to be fabulously good or spectacularly bad - and every new glimpse we have of it leaves the Empire Online team more and more perturbed.

So when news broke of the Moulin Rouge site going live, we hot-footed it over there, cyber-style, to see if there was a trailer to be had, to give us a better idea of a film that's set in 19th century Paris, but features a soundtrack that includes tracks by Fat Boy Slim and Elton John.

Well the news is that there's no trailer, but there is something even better - a quicktime movie showing Kylie Minogue being filmed as The Green Fairy - a narrator inspired by the Absinthe that the principals drink. Listen closely, and you'll notice that the backing track is a song by none other than Ewan McGregor.

To play the video, head for the movie's official site by clicking here - then enter your details to register for the the Moulin Rouge club and you'll find the video in the News section.

Thanks to Aint-it-Cool for the lead.