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21 January 2002
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After-Globes: A glimpse of the stars First stop is Trader Vic's 'Mind' party
By Susan Wloszczyna

LOS ANGELES -- Four awards for one movie plus the evening's best director equals one hot party.

You didn't need to be a math genius like John Forbes Nash, schizophrenic hero of best drama A Beautiful Mind, to figure out why the Universal/DreamWorks/USA Films gathering was the post-Golden Globes place to be Sunday night.

Everyone wants to be where the winners are, and the winners were definitely gathered in the darkened corners of Trader Vic's restaurant at the Beverly Hilton. (After the ceremony, stars had eight parties to choose from at the hotel.)

There was vintage rocker Keith Richards gathering no moss while schmoozing with director Robert Altman, who was toasting his Gosford Park prize with red wine. About the warm standing ovation he received, the 76-year-old said, "All I know is I felt very comfortable and safe, though I don't remember what I said."

Meanwhile, a puzzled Bob Balaban, the Gosford actor and producer, expressed relief when told the wrinkled guy with the head scarves and earrings was just a Rolling Stone. "I knew it was either someone famous or someone scary."

Russell Crowe, a winner for his intense portrait of Nash, granted the press some precious face time before settling into celebratory mode. Asked about his heartfelt acceptance speech, the Aussie with the rowdy rep replied, "I took a walk today and had a think about it. I wanted to say something very specific about my respect for Ron (Howard, Mind's director)."

Steven Spielberg, whose HBO miniseries Band of Brothers was saluted with an honor, hobbled in with wife Kate Capshaw at his side and a titanium brace on his right leg, a reminder of his recent scooter mishap. "It comes off in a couple of weeks."

Benjamin Bratt proved to be a gentleman as he allowed his Piņero co-star Talisa Soto, whom he introduced as his girlfriend, to wear his Calvin Klein tuxedo jacket at the party, which spilled into an outdoor tent. "My mama raised me right," Bratt said. A live band played at the bash, and Andie MacDowell briefly joined the group and played percussion.

Guests also sang a rousing "Happy Birthday" to Mulholland Drive director David Lynch, who turned 56 on Sunday. He received no trophies as a gift, but he did have his cake and ate it, too.

Rouge all over

It looked like either the world's most romantic Valentine's party or at least the perfect setting for public heavy petting. Twentieth Century Fox feted Moulin Rouge's win as best musical or comedy with a tented rooftop party done up in red: red tablecloths, red-hued lights, red tulip centerpieces and red rose petals strewn about.

Stars including Andy Garcia, Kiefer Sutherland, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Tilda Swinton, Ben Kingsley, Jessica Alba, Sean Astin and Moulin Rouge leading man Ewan McGregor mingled in a roped-off area while projected images of a windmill (that's English for moulin) and a moon hovered nearby.

But all eyes were focused on the queen of hearts herself, Globe winner Nicole Kidman, who kept her back toward the throng while glued to her cellphone.

Wacky mix of people

Miramax's post-Globes bash boasted an eclectic guest list, including Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, West Wing star Bradley Whitford, Andy Garcia, Gary Busey and Miramax chairman Harvey Weinstein. Also present: actor nominees Marisa Tomei and Kevin Spacey (not together), Shipping News director Lasse Hallstrom and his actress wife, Lena Olin, and Today co-host Katie Couric, who arrived on the scene with Tracey Ullman.

"We're having fun," Couric said. "She's my date. I got her this corsage." Ullman smiled and popped a petal in her mouth: "It's edible!"

But when the wacky pair approached Spacey for an interview (with a camera crew), the Shipping News star lifted an unwelcoming finger from both hands until the cameraman turned off the camera. Couric, clearly rattled, got up from the table and moved quickly away to mingle with other stars.

HBO to start

The HBO party proved to be the first stop for many celebrities, including Tom Hanks, who accepted the cable channel's award for Band of Brothers. He hadn't quite decided where to put his latest trophy.

"I'll take it down to the office or bathroom or (put it on the) hood of the car. I'm not sure," Hanks said.

Rachel Griffiths of Six Feet Under didn't socialize right away -- she was too busy calling her mother and other relatives in Australia on a cellphone to tell them she had won as best supporting actress in a series, miniseries or motion picture made for television.

Sex and the City's Kim Cattrall stopped by the HBO party but had only one thing on her mind.

"I am so hungry," said Cattrall, who had only nibbled on Godiva chocolates before the awards ceremony.

Could she eat whatever she wanted, considering the snug tangerine Erick Gaskins gown she was wearing? "Oh, yeah, that's why I picked it," she cooed.

Family pride

At the InStyle/Warner Bros. bash, proud papa Martin Sheen was crowing about son Charlie's win for Spin City, even though dad didn't win for The West Wing.

"I couldn't be happier for Charlie," Sheen said. "Neither one of us thought we were going to win tonight. When he did, I damn near fainted."