when love is for the highest bidder there can be no trust. without trust there is no love. . .
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As a result of the recent good award-winning fortune of MR, the Diamond Dogs have decided to bestow the first ever Absinthe Award this day, the sixth of August 2001.

The Absinthe Award is awarded to Glamour Sim!

Why do we chose to bestow this faboo MR website award to a site that isn't exclusively MR? Because of the excellent content. This is by far the finest example of MR fandome, to spend one's busy time creating near-perfect 3D computer images of the beloved MR characters. To reach the Moulin Rouge skins please click on the picture link below, when you reach Glamour Sim, click on "Moulin Rouge" in the menu.

Kudos to you Glamour Sim!

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