The young man from a bourgoise family in London embarks on a journey to Paris with only a typewriter to live for the Bohemian ethics of Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and above all, Love. Christian is tormented by memories of his father's disapproval, which only make him desire a penniless life more.

He is thrusted into the Bohemian lifestyle by Toulouse Lautrec and his friends who decide that he must write their cabaret show "Spectacular! Spectacular!" for Harold Zidler's Moulin Rouge. Christian is spun into this glamourous and seedy world when he meets Satine, Moulin Rouge's premire and most desired courtesan. Unfortunately, she mistook him for the Duke who was going to fund her big break-out hit "Spectacular! Spectacular!".

Things only get more interesting for Christian when he realizes he loves Satine.

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