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Attack of the Ewan Fans
tuesday, july 2, 2002

Well darling diary, I haven't written one of these in ages. I hope I haven't forgotten how to do it.

Since I wrote you I've quit my job and graduated college, now I'm a do nothing bum, who needs a job in the publishing raquet.. particularly copyediting. Wish me luck!

Another thing I want to talk about straight off the bat is that today is the one year anniversary of my opening this site. And through it all I don't think I could have done it without the support of all the Moulin Rouge! fans posting on the board and being my frined, and loveing my site. At the time I wrote this, our site had 23,929 hits. That's a lot of hits for just one year of a sh*tty little tripod site. And I've enjoyed every minute, even spending all my money on memorabilia. Ok now onto the real purpose of this entry:

Well you may or may not know that I'm big on planning my trip out to Minnesota to see Moulin Rouge again with some gals from the board coming up this month (more on that later), so I wasn't expecting any big Rouge activity in the super near future.

You could imagine my surprise when a newbie on our board announces she lives in Southern IL and her best friend lives in Arnold, MO which is right in my backyard practically. So I plan on meeting up with Carrie (aka McGregors Wench) and her best friend Charleen. Actually we planned to meet up like one day in advance to go see Attack of the Clones. I swore up and down after my 4th time that I wouldn't go again.

That same day my best friend Jessie and her hubby were going to Six Flags and they invited me to go along, but I didn't have enough money so we were supposed to do something later. When Six Flags fell though for me, I said yes to the movie.

Fast forward to the day of. So my friend Kris(tin) calls me up out of the blue and wants to do something. I haven't seen her in a week, and she's a Ewan fan, so I invite her along. And she shows up.. then Jessie gets back from Six Flags and calls me maybe 20 minutes before we have to leave for the glorious Wherenberg Ronnie's 20 Cinema. So I tell her we're going and ask her if she wants to come along or we could hang out later. Her hubby says yes. This is her third time. We went together on opening day. Anywho.. Kris and I have to haul ass to pick her up, and then we're off to the races.

We arrive at Ronnies and it's packed with little disgusting children (I'm sorry that's just how it is--little hoochies and hood rats all over the place - "I'd pay to have the little buggers wiped out") and we're looking around for the gals and finally Jessie spots Charleen (she told us what her shirt looks like). So like the dork that I am, I go up and shake their hands like its a business relationship. And then we go into the terribly long line that is long enough to go out the door (but if said children would wind the line a little more everyone could be in the air conditioning). Carrie bought The Pillow Book on DVD that day so she was proudly showing it off, I told her she'd like it (who wouldn't like to see a nude McGregor?). Jessie cringed, and then we talked about Star Wars and that got Jessie going. So we're all chatting it up in the line and then in the theater, they go to get seats while Kris and I get junk food. I got a free Twizzler, but it's not really on my stupid Slim Fast diet to eat the whole fricking package so I take out one serving size and buy my gargantuan soda 'cause I was deprived of it for the last 2 weeks.

I wore this kick ass shirt I bought on ebay that was from a Days of Our Lives convention that features the show's Craig and Nancy Wesley hanging off the mill. Below it it says Moulin Rouge! like on everything else that says it (all big and bold). That was how Charleen and Carrie were to spot me, but Jessie spotted them first.

Ok so we spot them in the theater. Star Wars is on it's last run in the theater, but it's still packed. And I hear some girls in front of us talking about my shirt (which is cool anyway because then and there I felt like a celebrity--maybe I'm meant for stardom?) and I said "Yes it is Moulin Rouge!" and they turn around and ask me about it, and I'm bragging, 'cause it's always good to talk about the rouge.. and then one of them shows me her purse, it says Moulin Rouge on it in red letters. And then I was jealous and her parents got it for her in Paris. I think it was at this point that Carrie joked that we were having a convention. So I just wanted to say "hi" to Katelin (the MR fan) and her soon to be converted-fan friend Michelle who seemed to be really looking forward to finally seeing it. I also told them about the site, and Katelin said she'd been here already but I hope they both check it out. A Moulin Rouge! fan is always a good thing, but a fan around these parts is even better..

To get totally off the subject, I almost dated this guy that liked the movie, just for that fact. And had he any other redeeming qualities I would have been more responsive to his advances. But I guess it's a good thing we didn't hook up 'cause he was on the rebound. He hooked up with my friend Megan that night and like 3 weeks later he dumped her on her ass and got back with his old girlfriend. Even guys with great taste in movies aren't perfect!

Ok so everyone of us girls in the row.. from the end it was Kris, Charleen, Carrie, Jessie, and Me in the middle of the theater.. and we're all talking through the whole thing, which was fun.. 'cause we've all seen it. Anyway it was great. Ewan was delish as usual. I really appreciate Count Dooku (Christopher Lee) more and more every time I see it. I also began to notice things that I wouldn't usually... like all the sexual imagry in the film. There were tons of phallic symbols and female symbols (don't know the counterpart of phallic---oh you know what I mean!) and I kept joking about it to Jessie and she said that I need a man.

I think "No duh" so like for the past 2 months I'd be sort of stalking this waiter Josh at Applebees on Manchester (how's that for advertising) just ask for Josh if you go. Anyway it isn't really stalking. But the first time we went (Jessie, her baby and me) he and I were sort of flirting, and so I left him my number and said "from the older woman" cause I'm like a day older than him or something.. stupid lame joke.. and we go back exactly a week later.. and I do basically the same thing except I write something like "If you don't call this time I won't leave you alone :)" VERY stalkerish.. how stupid.. so I do leave him alone. He doesn't call but that's ok. Then a month later we go back, and miraculously he's there again and we are seated in his section. This time he didn't remember my Mudslide (which I had both times previous), but I can't have one anyway on account of the diet.. this was on Saturday btw, the day after the movie. I left a note one more time and told him I missed seeing him or something lame. I don't know why I waste my time and gas driving all the way out there. But I told Jessie that was it. I need to get a job and meet a guy there. I have caught myself singing to strangers in the Galleria, and their not noticing is even worse. I really need a man. I'm not desperate or anything, this is for my own sanity.(Call me JOSH!) I think that's about it.

So after that sidetrack, and after the movie we parted ways, and I hugged Carrie and Charleen. Maybe if a certain best friend of mine hadn't been yapping on I coulda gotten a word in edgewise, but never the less. I had a great time, and we'll do it again sometime.

Talk to you soon my dear diary. MUAH

-Diamond Dog Jessica

Bohemian Dream
saturday february 9, 2002

Words diary of mine, words can't help but to express my feelings at the moment. As you might remember, Moulin Rouge brought out the best artistic spirit I've had in months! The bohemian ideals truely moved me and made me believe in art again. As you know my career is comercial (graphic design...don't forget), still I long for true flavor in my work. But alas! I feel empty friends, you might say, are somewhat bohos and a bit bohemian...they have STILL to believe in love. Their friendship and conduct makes them weird and a bit freakish (that is so cool! just like Toulouse's gang).

No matter, I believe in love very much like Christian does. Even if my heart hasn't found the right man. Wonder if I can have a Christian of my own?...very much want to...oh God! Please find me a "Christian". Anyway, my artistic impulses lack life again as my heart aches for love and my soul for artistic blossoms. Do you think I'll ever be as great like Toulouse or at least be able to express such passion for art? Make people weep and laugh all because of a drawing or painting?

Must keep hopes up! The bohemian ideals are there...I'll get there one day. God give me strength. Will live on! Vive la vie boheme!

-Diamond Dog 'with bohemian heart' Tenshi

Following in Christian's Footsteps
saturday august 25, 2001

Well Diary, I finally went on my dream holiday to England and France. I returned home a few days ago and now its time for you to hear all about it. It's been a dream of mine to cross the pond ever since I got addicted to British comedies and movies and with my new found affection for Moulin Rouge, to see the real thing would be fantastic! My mom and I left Sunday night and arrived in London, Monday morning. It was a short five and a half hour jaunt to the UK and upon our arrival we headed straight to our hotel for a much needed nap to kick the jet lag. We awoke a few hours later feeling refreshed and ventured out to find the nearest tube to explore the great city. On the way we passed by a little news stand where I found a whole bunch of British magazines featuring either Moulin Rouge or Ewan McGregor and I snapped them all up (I had to tote them across half of London that day but I didn't mind).

The remainder of our time in London was spent doing the usual tourist stuff; sightseeing, taking in a show, buying junk (I think I found a new mag each day) and minding the gap, all while keeping an eye out for any devilishly handsome Scottish actors who happen to live there, but alas, none were to be found (sigh). Then all to soon our four days in London were up and it was time to board the train to Paris.

I decided to pass the time on the train by listening to my great collection of Moulin Rouge music. Three CD's: the original, (which I bought five minutes, no lie, after seeing the movie the day it came out and listened to on the way home of all twenty of my viewings), the "Come What May" single that I bought off e-bay because its only available in Aussi land, and a CD I made of bootleg versions of the internet of the songs that weren't on either (I'm still missing "Zidler's Rap" though. The one w/ "Smells Like Teen Spirit"). But the wicked cool thing is, when we arrived in the train station in the North of Paris, very close to the Moulin Rouge and most likely the station depicted in the movie as the one Christian arrived at, I was listening to the very same song that was playing in the movie when Christian pulled in as well. The French one and by complete coincidence, I thought it was cool.

In Paris we stayed in a hotel just off the Champs-Elysees choice location but a bit far from Montmartre. It was a bit on the pricey side eating in the city of Paris, but the most expensive by far was our night at the Moulin Rouge! It was over two hundred dollars for the both of us not to mention all the money I spent in the gift shop but it was worth it!

The show was actually at La Bal du Moulin Rouge next door because the building underneath the sails of the famous red windmill is no longer in public use. The windmill itself is still spinning away at the end of the "Red Light" district of Paris which was a little scary but hey it used to be a whore house so what do you expect! Inside the decor resembled the court yard in the movie minus the elephant (aww) but it was cool. The food was ok but the show was cool! There were a lot of boobies all over the place though as throughout most of the show the women were topless but you would guess that of a vegas type show at the Moulin Rouge. There were four mini stories separated by little time fillers, one of them seemed a little familiar with an Indian theme and two lovers hmmm . . . ? Any way the show was wicked awesome and it was very cool to have seen it since it will be the same show that the Baz's crew will see when they hold the French movie premiere there in a few weeks. After that night ended we tried to fit all our Paris experience into the two days we had left but we knew it could not happen. All too soon we were waving good-bye to "gay Paris" (Parie) and hello to the good old US of A, sad to be done but happy to be home.

Now I'm just biding my time till I leave for college next week toying with the idea of going all the way into Boston to experience Moulin Rouge just one more time but I'm running out of money and I'm trying to make my Halloween costume (can can dancer, what else) plus it will be coming out on video in a few months so I should suck it up and be an adult about it till then.

-Diamond Dog Katie

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