Shedding Diamond Tears Is Really Really Painful
thursday august 16, 2001

Well what can I say Diary. Remember how last time I told you MR left theaters and all that jazz. Well apparently I was WRONG. You would think this was good news, but I didn't find this out till I went to last Thursday and found out that it was still playing at Wherenberg's Kenrick Theater and Chase Park Plaza Cinema (Yes I checked again the next day and it wasn't listed at all in St. Louis). Unfortunately I found this out at 9 P.M. when it was too late, the Theaters would have already switched out the flicks. I was crushed, heartbroken. I began to realize that even more than my feelings, I was hurting Christian's by keeping myself from him. I mean, he MUST have been waiting for me to show up to sing to me. I guess he couldn't sing that night.

Instead, I hung out with Diamond Dog Mrs. Stamper, her husband Justin and his best friend Jason (who I know now is NOT interested in this bitch -- though he's still sweet and sexy). We saw Planet of the Apes, now I know I've not seen the orignal, but I know what happens. The new one was really good, I thought, I still want to see the original. Usually when I see the first version and then go see a remake, I absolutely hate the remake, so I'm glad I saw the new one First.

Other things to tell you: Let's see, I still haven't decided if I want to buy the VCD or not yet, you've got to think of all these great actors and writers who worked on the film, and how they're not going to see one ROUGE cent of this moneymaking endevor. As much as I believe in free information, I know I really want to see the movie again as soon as possible . . . not for me of course, but for Christian.

As I'm writing this I'm listening to that "Your Song" mp3 which somebody ripped from the VCD or taped in the theater, on my computer, it's so hillarious but it freaks people out when they walk by. Anyway I bought a DVD of a movie I was joansing for with my first paycheck it was Shakespeare in Love which I haven't seen since it left theaters and I think I saw it three times in theaters and loved it, and now I own it and it's just as good as it was before. It ain't no Moulin Rouge, but it will tide me over.

On a happier note, I went down to Columbia to visit Diamond Dog Andrea. She had a lovely housewarming party. I got totally wasted and I had a butt-spanking good time. Tried this Rasberry Lemonade beverage called Sublime for the first time, and it was - Sublime. I hung out with her best friend (another Jason) and we had Goat Cheese and played and beat my all time favorite video game Bubble Bobble the day after the party. He's very cool. Even though I was completely exhausted after the party, somehow I let Andrea convince me into going to Denny's at 3:30 AM, and we went and that was good too. It was funny, these other drunk girls walk in and one chick stops at our table and stares at the men sitting with us for like an entire minute, it was hillarious. Oh yeah, I forgot, I ran into an old high school chum at the party, Denise, she was cool. That's about it.

Stay tuned for another exciting episode of Diamond Dog Diary. Same Dog time, same Dog website.

-Diamond Dog Jessica

A Long Time Coming
thursday august 02, 2001

Well there is much news to report Diary. I went to Yellowstone and the Rockies last month, pining over Moulin Rouge and spending a great deal of time annoying my family while singing along with my soundtrack in our van (nicknamed Johnny on the Spot due to it's lovely shade of 1000 flushers blue). On the whole of the trip I've seen a Black Bear, Cyotes, Marmets, Pikas, Chipmunks, Ground Squirrels, Wild Donkeys, Domesticated Sheep, Horses, Bison, Elk, Deer, Cutthroat Trout, Bald Eagle, Hawk, and of all things, a wild Camel (in Kansas).

Anyway, soon after the trip, and when I did finally have the money, I bought the Moulin Rouge book at Barnes and Noble on July 25th for the asking price ($32 or whatever) and should have used gloves when reading, because despite all the precautions of washing my hands, only touching the edges, I still managed to get gross fingerprints on the black pages. I think it's because I let some not so serious fans wipe their grubby paws on it and have lived to regret it. This may sound obsessive, but I don't want to have to shell out the money to replace the book if it becomes too damaged. If I pay 32 bucks for a book that isn't for college, then it better last a long long time. Anyway, its a really excellent book.

Also, I got a job, nothing too glamourous, it pays, so it's good.

I finally got my sister to go to the movie. I saw it for the 4th time with her on Monday July 30th at 11:00 AM with my sister. She loved it of course, and although Baz's "Romeo and Juliet" was her previously favorite movie it took her a long time to finally go see this (and only with my prodding), now she loves it . . . maybe only 1/10 as much as me, but that's a lot for a normal person . . . he he he.

Today was the final day it was at Ronnies Cinema in South County. Probably the last time in St. Louis as well (I'm still wishing and hoping I can see it again). I found it absolutely necessary to see it on my last chance at 4:30 p.m. Only problem was my relief at work showed up late and I didn't get out till 4:45. So I sped like a demon to the theater and arrived just before Christian and Satine begin dancing at the MR. It was so beautiful the last time I saw it. I sat there and just absorbed all the emotion and music.

I felt somewhat strange, this was the first time I've been to a movie alone, but it wasn't too bad. Two sets of people left, 2 old women and 2 old men. I don't even know why they went. . . I'd like to think they were fans like me, but had to leave for an appointment (yeah right). Anyway, I stayed all the way to the end, there was another woman there all alone. I almost wanted to say something, but was worried I'd sound too eager. There is nothing worse than talking to a stranger only to embarass yourself with too much enthusiasm. Anyway, I'm still praying it will still be out tommorow someplace, and I'll have to check for sure.

I was very pleased to find that the online campaigning worked for the Hollywood Movie Awards, even if it wasn't due to my site. I can only dream! Till next time! Toodles.

-Diamond Dog Jessica

A Moulin Rouge Holiday
tuesday july 03, 2001

Moulin Rouge for the third time at the cinema. It would be more, but no money honey!  I had to see it again before it left the cinemas, and this diamond dog left town for three weeks.  I told my sister she had to see it, she said she got off work at 4 pm, and Diamond Dog Mrs. Stamper and I waited for her till 4:30 and we had to leave for the 5:05 show.  She didn't show up. It takes less than 5 minutes to drive from our house to Hardee's (where she works), but she said she didn't get home until a quarter till, which means that it took her 45 minutes for her to get home.  Yet she complained that we didn't wait for her!!  I wasn't about to miss the beggining.

Well we get to the theater (the fabulous RONNIES Wherenberg Theater of South St. Louis County, Missouri, complete with  stadium seating and moveable arm-rests) and not half-way through the movie but this geezer in front of us starts to snore.  I don't think the movie is quiet enough to sleep through, but somehow he did.  Mrs. Stamper complained to me and we debated on kicking his chair.  But we're nice girls, so we left him alone.  He woke up shortly after we were talking about him, he must have heard us angrily muttering. 

Later, we get to the climax of the movie during and after Jacek Koman's
El Tango De Moulin Rouge, and some woman way far back in the theater begins yawning--not just any yawn, but an exaggerted noisy kinda yawn, that you have to wonder if it's fake or real.  It wasn't just once, oh no, it was repeated throughout the end of the flick, and into the credits, with not much movie in between YAWNS.  I was so pissed at her, that I serously considered turning around and yelling  "shut up with the yawning or get out of the theater", I was so mad... I turned to Mrs. Stamper instead and said 'that is so f*cking annoying." 

As soon as the movie was over, I complained loudly in the hallway to Mrs. Stamper with the hopes the the offending yawner would learn the err of her ways!!!.

Then we headed to Mrs. Stampers house and painted a baby blue room, and left for a celebration in Piedmont MO for the 4th of July.  More on that when I get back from my next adventure.

-Diamond Dog Jessica

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