Pictures to be used in the loverly banner that loverly Krys may produce for the loverly site Spectacular! Spectacular!

If you have become lost from the website and know you are a naughty person who shouldn't be here (i.e. not directed to this site by myself, Jessica) then please return to the actual page. I assure you many of these screen caps will be available in the future to site visitors.

christian 1
christian 2
a village of sin
bar absinthe
i put this one in just to see if you could look at it and read what's on the page, cause i can't, even though it looks completely legible.
zidler 2
zidler 3
christian 3
christian 4
christian 5
zidler 4
eww part 1
eww part 2
satine 1
satine 2
satine 3
satine 4
satine 5
could so be taken the wrong way..
zidler 5
zidler 6
satine 7
christian 6 (I love this one so much :) )
satine 8
satine 9
christian and satine 1