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My Awards

These wonderful sites decided to give moi an award for this site. I can hardly believe it myself! Please click on the awards and visit those wonderful sites!

Awarded January 11, 2004.
"As Neo and I were downsizing the Chamber (...) we decided to give out one last award...for longevity! We looked at all the MR sites that are still up, running, and updated and chose our favorites for the "Still Kicking" Chamber Award! Along with this award we wanted to tell you that your MR site is one of the few that we decided to keep on our shortened yet important Links list! We Continue to adore Spectacular, Spectacular and all the creativity that flows from the site. (And the Boards!! Woohoo!!) Thanks for all your hard work!!" - Trinity

Awarded February 5, 2003.
"I just made an award for Spectecular Spectacular site. It's not really beautiful, but it's by heart. I hope it means something to you." - Luka

Awarded January 25, 2003.
"I was just fixing a few things on my site when I noticed that I had not given your site an award! I was really suprised so I HAD to do something about it. So, congratulations on Spec! Spec!'s 'Sparkling Diamond' Award for the site with the Biggest Fan Base (cause honestly, IT IS!)" - Krys

Awarded October 10, 2002.
"The awards are judged by us, the owners of Moulin Goldmine, on the basis of general quality, updating, and enjoyment from the sites we have visited after surfing the web, looking at other site's links, reading them from our guest book and so on ...Thank you for truly inspiring Moulin Goldmine, your message board and site provides hours of entertainment for Moulin Rouge fans, and it is the place where birth was given to the Ewanessay!" - Mariclaire and Kate

Awarded October 7, 2002.
"I wanted to give one to you! I absolutley love your site and it totally diserves this" - Molly

Awarded September 22, 2002
The True Blue Site Award: "We came up with this award for sites that are consistant in updating!! Your site has surpased this!! Congrats!" - Neo and Trinity

Awarded September 22, 2002
The Smouldering Temptress Site Award: "This award is for having a hot and smouldering site" - Neo and Trinity

Awarded July 5, 2002

Awarded March 2002

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