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20.jan.2002 The Golden Globes take place today at the International Ballroom in the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. Moulin Rouge received nominations for Best Director - Motion Picture (Baz Luhrmann), Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy, Best Original Score - Motion Picture(Craig Armstrong), Best Original Song - Motion Picture (David Baerwald for "Come What May"), Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy (Ewan McGregor), and Best performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy (Nicole Kidman).

19.jan.2002 The Golden Satellite Awards take place today at the St. Regis Hotel in Los Angeles, California. Moulin Rouge received nominations for Best Art Direction (Ann-Marie Beauchamp and Catherine Martin), Best Cinematography (Donald McAlpine), Best Costume Design (Catherine Martin and Angus Strathie), Best Director (Baz Luhrmann), Best Film Editing (Jill Bilcock), Best Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical, Best Original Score (Craig Armstrong), Best Original Song (David Baerwald for "Come What May"), Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical (Ewan McGregor), Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role, Comedy or Musical (Jim Broadbent), Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical (Nicole Kidman), Best Screenplay, Original (Baz Luhrmann and Craig Pierce), Best Sound (Guntis Sics), and Best Visual Effects (Chris Godfrey).

9.jan.2002 DVD released for rental in Brazil and the Italy

7.jan.2002 The formal ceremony for the National Board of Review awards was held today at the Tavern On The Green in New York City, New York. Moulin Rouge won Best Picture and Jim Broadbent was honored as Best Supporting Actor (in Moulin Rouge and Iris).

5.jan.2002 The American Film Institute's Film Awards took place today at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles. It aired on CBS in the USA. Moulin Rouge won for AFI Composer of the Year(Craig Armstrong)and AFI Editor of the Year (Jill Bilcock). Moulin Rouge was also nominated for AFI Movie of the Year (Fred Baron, Martin Brown, and Baz Luhrmann).

2001 Important dates

DVD released for sale and rental in Canada and the USA

The San Diego Film Critics Society Awards were announced today. Moulin Rouge won an SDFCS Award for Best Production Design (Ann-Marie Beauchamp [art director] and Catherine Martin [production designer]).

15.dec.2001 The Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards were announced today. Moulin Rouge won two LAFCA Awards. One for Best Production Design (Catherine Martin); the other for Best Supporting Actor (Jim Broadbent also for Iris).

5.dec.2001 DVD released for sale in Austrailia The National Board of Review announced the NBRs today. Moulin Rouge won Best Picture. Jim Broadbent was also awarded an NBR for Best Supporting Actor (also for Iris).

2.dec.2001 The My VH1 Awards were held today at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Moulin Rouge's "Lady Marmalade" won in two categories: Is It Hot in Here or Is It Just My Video? and My Favorite Video.

1.dec.2001 The European Film Awards took place today at the Tempodrom in Berlin, Germany. Moulin Rouge won the Five Continents Award (Baz Luhrmann) and a UFA for Outstanding European Achievement in World Cinema (Ewan McGregor).

23.nov.2001 Released in Japan

21.nov.2001 Re-Released in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and San Francisco in the USA for a special engagement.

16.nov.2001 Released in Lithuania

The Austrailian Film Institute Awards were held today at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne, Austrailia. Moulin Rouge won AFI awards for Best Cinematography (Donald McAlpine), Best Costume Design (Catherine Martin and Angus Strathie), Best Editing (Jill Bilcock), Best Production Design (Catherine Martin), and Best Sound (Andy Nelson, Roger Savage, Guntis Sics). Moulin Rouge also received nominations for Best Actor in a Leading Role (Ewan McGregor), Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Richard Roxburgh), Best Actress in a Leading Role (Nicole Kidman), Best Direction (Baz Luhrmann), and Best Film (Fred Baron, Martin Brown, and Baz Luhrmann).

9.nov.2001 Released in Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia, Romania, and Turkey

8.nov.2001 Released in Croatia and Slovenia

2.nov.2001 Released in Estonia

1.nov.2001 Released in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

25.oct.2001 Released in Lebanon

19.oct.2001 Released in Austria

18.oct.2001 Released in Germany, Hungary, and Switzerland (in German)

14.oct.2001 The 7th Annual American Choreography Awards were held today at the El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles. John O'Connell was given the ACA for Outstanding Achievement in a Feature Film, 2001 for his work in Moulin Rogue.

12.oct.2001 Released in Denmark, Finland, and South Africa

The Austrailian Screen Sound Guild Awards took place today at the WatersEdge Restaurant at Pier One in Sydney, Australia. Moulin Rouge Received the ASSG award for Best Achievement in Sound for a Feature Film - Effects Editing (Brent Burge, Luke Dunn Gielmuda, Nada Mikas, Roger Savage, Gareth Vanderhope, and Alex Wong). Moulin Rouge also received a Technical Achievement Award for Music Production (Simon Leadley, Tim Ryan, Guntis Sics, and Stuart Waller)

10.oct.2001 Released in Iceland

5.oct.2001 Released in Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden

3.oct.2001 Released nationwide in Egypt, France, and United Arab Emirates

30.sept.2001 The Durban International Film Festival announces its 2001 award recipients. Moulin Rouge wins for Best Director (Baz Lurhmann) and Best Cinematography (Donald McAlpine)

28.sept.2001 Released in Italy and Norway

27.sept.2001 Released in Bolivia

26.sept.2001 Released in Belgium

22.sept.2001 Released in South Korea

20.sept.2001 Released nationwide in Israel and the Netherlands

17.sept.2001 The 22nd Durban International Film Festival begins in South Africa. The festival is hosted anually in Durban by the University of Natal's Centre for Creative Arts.

15.sept.2001 Released in Egypt at the Alexandria International Film Festival

14.sept.2001 Premiers in Israel

13.sept.2001 Released in Hong Kong

7.sept.2001 Released in the Dominican Republic and the UK

6.sept.2001 The Video Music Awards air today on MTV. "Lady Marmalade" wins the show's highest honor Best Video of the Year along with Best Video from a Film. The song is nominated for Best Dance Video and Best Pop Video and in technical categories Best Choreography in a Video and Best Art Direction in a Video. View all winners at MTV.

5.sept.2001 Released in Jamaica

3.sept.2001 Moulin Rouge has its Royal Premire at Odeon Leicester Square in London, England.

31.aug.2001 Released in Equador

30.aug.2001 Released in Chile and Puerto Rico

27.aug.2001 The Trades' Internet Movie Awards (version 2001.1) are announced today. The voting ran from July 30 to August 26. View all the winners at the Trades. Moulin Rouge received awards in the following categories: Best Actress in a Leading Role - Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge Best Song from a Movie - "Come What May" from Moulin Rouge (performed by Nicole Kidman And Ewan McGregor) Best Director - Baz Luhrmann for Moulin Rouge Moulin Rouge also garned nominations for Best Picture, Best Soundtrack or Musical Score, and Best Screenplay.

24.aug.2001 Released in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, and Uruguay

23.aug.2001 Released in Argentina, Malaysia, and Peru

22.aug.2001 Released in Venezuela

20.aug.2001 Seventeen Magazine's Reader's Choice Awards airs tonight on FOX. "Lady Marmalade" won Choice Song of the Summer!!! "Lady Marmalade" was also nominated for Choice Dance Song. Moulin Rouge received a nomination for Choice Movie of the Summer.

17.aug.2001 Released in Thailand

6.aug.2001 Nicole and Ewan accept their Hollywood Actress and Actor of the Year wards today. Moulin Rouge also was awarded the Hollywood Film Festival's Hollywood Movie of the Year in Beverly Hills.

2.aug.2001 Released in Russia

1.aug.2001 Released nationwide in the Philippines

Moulin Rouge wins the Hollywood Movie of the Year Award with 43% of the vote. The Hollywood Film Festival begins this day and ends August 6 with the Hollywood Movie Awards Gala Celebration at the Beverly Hilton. Also being honored are this year's Actress and Actor of the year Nicole Kidman (42%) and Ewan McGregor (41%). Most of the thanks for the online support goes to Club Moulin Rouge which hosted a popup invitation to vote for the movie and it's actors. Kudos to Nicole, Ewan, Baz and everyone involved with creating Moulin Rouge!!!!!

25.july.2001 Premiers in the Philippines

18.july.2001 Released in Indonesia

5.july.2001 Released in Singapore

29.june.2001 Released in India

27.june.2001 Released in Trinidad And Tobago

7.june.2001 The Moulin Rouge book is released in the USA . It is a high quality coffee table book with 180+ pages of glossy photos from the film and extensive knowledge on the making of Moulin Rouge.

2.june.2001 Released in Taiwan

1.june.2001 Released nationwide in Canada and the USA

31.may.2001 Released in New Zealand

24.may.2001 Released in Austrailia

20.may.2001 The close of the Cannes Film Festival is today. Baz Luhrmann was nominated for a Palme d'Or (Golden Palm Award) for his direction in Moulin Rouge.

18.may.2001 Limited USA release in New York and Los Angeles.

16.may.2001 USA Premier in Los Angeles.

9.may.2001 Moulin Rouge opens at the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France. Along with screenings of the film, the celebration consisted of a performance of "Lady Marmalade" by Christina Aguilera, Pink, Mya, and Lil' Kim as well as a huge invitation- only release party.

8.may.2001 Moulin Rouge's Soundtrack is released.

17.april.2001 Vogue sponsors a big pre-release bash including a can- can ensemble fashion show followed by an advanced screening in New York.

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