Hi Diamond Dogs!

I'm a Sydneysider and I have been to the MR Exhibit at the Powerhouse Museum. Like the movie it was absolutely stunning!!

All the main characters costumes were on display including Satine's Black Diamonds (on trapeze), Pink Feathers, Red Dress, Korean Rehearsal, Hindi Diamonds, Wedding costume and Gothic Tower numbers. Christian's Coat and tails top hats and Tolouse's suit also featured. Also displayed was the replica of the necklace "Satine" that was used in the movie when the Duke ripped it from Satine's neck.

The contraption they used to make John Leguizamo appear shorter as well as Jim Broadbents fat suits were there as well. A number of the Can Can outfits featured and the amount of lace muslin and touile was staggering. The detail was amazing as well since all of the Can Can dancers had individually designed costume to represent a character. Apart from the four main "Diamond Dogs", the Scottish, and full body tattoo costumes stood out.

The backdrop to the exhibit was the gorgeous Red Curtain which featured in the opening and during the "Spectacular, Spectacular" production. The trapeze was set-up to display the Black Diamonds costume and hung above all.

The display also incorporated stills and sketches from the movie and behind the scenes. These are many of the same photos which are available in the MR book.

As with the movie the display seemed to grab you and involve you in the process of filmmaking, music and above all entertainment!!! I just wanted to reach out and touch everything!!!

I'd recommend any Sydneysider making the effort to see the exhibition before it is taken away. I believe it is on until mid September.

Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take photos.

Anyhow, keep the site going guys. You seem to be the only bunch offering updates. As the movie opens in France and Great Britain it will be interesting to see if interest can be sustained for what is definitely one of the most original and moving movies of all time!!!

BTW I've seen it 5 times which is the most I've ever seen a movie in the theatre! I can't wait to see The Others as well. It doesn't come out downunder until early September.


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