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22 October 2001
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Fox to Re-Release `Moulin Rouge' on November 21st; As Film Opens to Huge European B.O., Film To Return to the Big Screen for Awards Consideration

LOS ANGELES (ENTERTAINMENT WIRE) - Twentieth Century Fox will re-release MOULIN ROUGE on Wednesday, November 21 in special engagements in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco, it was announced today by Bruce Snyder, Fox's president of domestic distribution.

MOULIN ROUGE recently has enjoyed worldwide box-office success - including number-one openings in France and the U.K. As awards season kicks into high gear, MOULIN ROUGE has already received several honors, including Best Picture, Best Actor (Ewan McGregor) and Best Actress (Nicole Kidman) awards from The Hollywood Film Festival; the MTV Awards' Best Video of the Year ("Lady Marmalade") and Best Video From a Film; the World Soundtrack Awards' Best Original Song ("Come What May"), Best Discovery of the Year (composer Craig Armstrong) and Best Adaptation of Pre-Existing Music in Film; and the American Choreography Awards' Outstanding Achievement in Feature Film (John O'Connell).

Commented Bruce Snyder: "It has been thrilling to witness the excitement that MOULIN ROUGE has received from so many different areas of our culture. The film's success has transcended box-office numbers; people seem to still be clamoring for it in ways that none of us at Fox could have predicted. We're pleased to bring MOULIN ROUGE back to theaters, where people can re-experience the magic of Baz Luhrmann's incredible world on the big screen - or if they haven't yet seen it, to discover what everyone is talking about."

MOULIN ROUGE, from visionary filmmaker Baz Luhrmann, is a celebration of truth, beauty, freedom, but above all things, love - set in the infamous, gaudy and glamorous Paris nightclub, circa 1900. Director Baz Luhrmann (STRICTLY BALLROOM, WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE'S ROMEO + JULIET) brings together gorgeous period design and modern-era pop tunes to create a unique comic/tragic motion picture experience. Nicole Kidman portrays Satine, the Sparkling Diamond, star of the Moulin Rouge and the city's most famous courtesan. Satine is caught between the love of a young writer and another man's obsession. Ewan McGregor is the writer, Christian, who finds himself plunged into this decadent world where anything goes - except falling in love.

Luhrmann captures his euphorically high-style vision of a tragic-comical, glamorous underworld through a very contemporary lens. The result recreates for today's audiences, the heady, decadent thrills that enthralled patrons of the Moulin Rouge a century ago.

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