05. Rhythm of the Night

Performed by Valeria
Produced by BLAM, Josh G. Abrahams, Marius DeVries, and Alexis Smith
Engineered by Geoff Foster
Mixed by Ryan Freeland
Horn Arrangements by Steve Sidwell
Additional Vocal Production and Engineering by Simon Franglen
Written by Diane Warren
Published by Edition Sunset Publishing, Inc. (ASCAP). All rightts on behalf of Edition Sunset Publishing, Inc. administered by BMG Songs Inc. (ASCAP)
Valeria performs courtesy of Farmclub.com/Interscope Records

Original Lyric:

When it feels like
the world is on your shoulders
and all of the madness
has got you goin crazy

It's time to get out
step out into the street
Where all of the action
is right there at your feet,

I know a place where we can
dance the whole night away
underneath the electric stars
Just come with me and we can
shake your blues right away
You'll be doin fine once the music starts...Oh!

To the beat of the rhythm of the night
dance until the morning light
Forget about the worries on your mind
we can leave them all behind
To the beat of the rhythm of the night..
oohh the rhythm of the night...ooohh yeah

Look out on the street now
the party's just beginning
The music's playing
a celebration's starting

Under the streetlights
the scene is being set
A night for romance
A night you won't forget, so

Come join the fun
this ain't no time to be staying home
mmm..there's too much going on...oh!
Tonight is gonna be a night like you've never known
We're gonna have a good time the whole night long...oh!




oohh baby....aww darlin...oohhh baby...wooooooooo....

la la la la la la la
la la la la la la la la la la
The music's playin!
It's a celebration!
The music's playin, everybody dance!


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Lyric transcribed and found at Lyric World

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