Harold Zidler

The boisterous, booming manager of the Moulin Rouge. Though there is a bit about the man that we should not like, such as his obsession with making money at any cost, we cannot help but like him. He is portrayed very sympathatically and it is no wonder that Satine cannot refuse him.

In modern times pimps are portrayed as jerks, but Mr. Zidler is a kind funny old father-figure type for Satine. Even his moustache is funny, the way he grooms it and twirls it up like a smile.

Zidler's main goal is to get funding for the Moulin Rouge, and he eventually signs the deed over to the Duke of Monroth to guarantee that Satine will be faithfull to the Duke. Zidler may be in control of Satine, but when it comes down to it, he only wants to help the girl.

Harold Zidler is roughly based on the real-life character of that name who owned and managed the Moulin Rouge.

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